Cooking With Chicken


Healthy Sides for Chicken

Having chicken is always a good idea, whether it’s to celebrate a promotion with co-workers, serving it in a small party amongst your friends or just having it by your own. The main purpose of healthy sides for chicken is that they are to augment and complement the main dishes. Selecting a side will often require an understanding on taste. Flavour and overall flair as to how it might relate to the main course. For …

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Sides For Rotisserie Chicken

In this article, we are going to enumerate the best sides for Rotisserie Chicken which we highly recommend that you put into consideration, and eventually into your grocery cart once you go grocery shopping! Whether it is to celebrate Thanksgiving. A family member’s birthday or simply a little get together with your close-knit friends. You can never go wrong when you are planning to prepare Rotisserie Chicken as your main dish. Healthy Side Dishes – …

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Stir Fry Ginger Chicken Recipes. A Must Try!

Stir fry ginger chicken is a bit of a variation from simple stir fry chicken. Ginger is the primary ingredient that makes all the difference to the delicious stir fry chicken. A favorite for many, this fully flavored meal is easy to prepare and takes very short time to cook. Bordering on spicy and peppery, a slight tang contrasts with the sweet and almost pungent; stir fry ginger chicken owes its full bodied flavor mostly …

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Philly Cheese Steak with Chicken

Created and conceptualized by brothers Pat Olivieri and Harry Olivieri back in the 1930s, a Philly cheese steak gets its name because of its origin which is in Philadelphia, a city in the state of Pennsylvania and because of what it is in terms of constitution: a sandwiched steak with cheese, therefore, cheesesteak. What it is? It is a hoagie sandwich with beefsteak smothered in liquid cheese. Over time, people have added all sorts of …

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How to spice up chicken noodle soup

The ultimate comfort food, chicken noodle soup is the go to meal whenever you feel ill, it’s cold or you are just feeling low. Wonder how to spice it up? Great as it sounds, you may have found it a bit challenging to cook that soup with a certain flavor, to no avail. It is just never as good as the one you had from the restaurant. Your chicken noodle soup almost always turns out …

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Can You Defrost Chicken Using A Microwave?

Can you defrost chicken using a microwave, really. Yes, it’s a thing. I bet you have tried to thaw your chicken during a refrigerator, or worse using warm water or basically leaving the frosted chicken on a counter top at room temperature? You probably have had some experience with any of the methods mentioned above. The experiences are probably bad, but let’s bring them up anyway them. When you use a refrigerator, defrosting takes long …

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How to Reheat Fried Chicken? Make it Crispy and Crunchy Again!

You probably wonder how you can get your leftover fried chicken back to its original crunchy, crispy, juicy state. Just as if it were taken out of the fryer minutes ago. So how to reheat fried chicken? Well you are in luck, below are 4 ways on how to reheat your fried chicken and have it come out crispy, crunchy and all kinds of delicious. While there isn’t exactly a foolproof method to reheat your …

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Tuscan Chicken Mac and Cheese

In this blog, we are going to discuss Tuscan Chicken with mac and cheese with some broccoli! We all enjoy our usual serving of mac and cheese, whatever the occasion may be. From inviting your friends over for a few drinks to having your nephews and nieces come by for a visit to their favourite aunt or uncle, mac and cheese will never be a bad idea to include in such a small and private …

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How to Cook Chicken Drumsticks

We are going to discuss a couple of different ways on how to cook chicken drumsticks. There is never a day that will come where cooking chicken drumsticks is ever a bad idea, except when your friends are chickens and you have asked a family of them over for dinner and you are planning to serve them deep fried legs of their kind when they come. Jokes aside, chicken drumsticks are one of the most …

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Cream Cheese Chicken Chili Recipes

Chicken is the most versatile and popular meal worldwide. It can be prepared in various ways and the outcome will definitely not disappoint. Here we will talk about cream cheese chicken chili recipes. Preparing chicken with cream cheese and chili crowns the effort of giving chicken a full bodied flavor, while still allowing chicken to take center stage. Why Chili Is Loved By Most People? While it may be tied to “constrained risk” or an …

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