Cooking With Chicken

Sides for Baked Chicken

Sides For Baked Chicken

When the aroma of a scrumptious chicken that has been baking in the oven, spreads through the house, it just gets harder to wait till it’s done and ready to be served. So why not occupy yourself by making a side dish near the source of the ‘aroma’ while you wait.  There are so many creative ideas of preparing sides for baked chicken that can change the whole presentation and help please a crowd at a family dinner …

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chicken thighs

Simple Recipes For Chicken Thighs

Simply delicious, juicy and luscious. There’s no way you can ever go wrong with chicken thighs (or even hate them for that matter). Among other things, apart from being a delectable source of lean protein, chicken thighs are very budget friendly and so much easy to cook. So what’s to stop you from trying these amazingly simple chicken thigh recipes and cooking tips? Read on to find out more about how to cook: Skinless chicken …

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Simple Air Fryer Chicken Breast Recipes

How does an air fryer work and is it good for cooking chicken breast? When it comes to air fryers, think of convection ovens. Essentially, air fryers cook food by circulating hot air around the food being cooked at high speeds. And if you are not sure if an air fryer is the best for you, these pointers will make you decide. Air fryers cook much faster than a typical oven and are more efficient …

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Sides for baked chicken

Sides for Baked Chicken

It’s almost true that baked chicken is only as good as the sides that go with it. Depending on the occasion, season or even who you’re serving; the sides that go with baked chicken will vary. In this article, this is what you can expect: Healthy sides for baked chicken Easy side dishes for baked chicken Vegetable side dishes And this won’t be just about lists and mentions. You’ll also learn how to prepare these …

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sides for chicken

Good Sides For Chicken

Juicy, delectable and ever delicious. There’s no single phrase that can capture all the goodness that comes with chicken. For some, chicken may even be considered ambrosial. These attributes are not for nothing. Aside from being just delicious, chicken as a meal checks all the right boxes. It is affordable, a healthier option- relative to red meat and it is very easy and simple to cook. With a versatile dish as this, it’s only right …

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Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Sides, 8 Healthy Sides For Chicken Wings

Do you love chicken wings? I bet you do! The fact you’ve arrived here and talking to me is enough proof. You’ve been wondering about more creative ways to cook your favorite and want to know other chicken wing sides and foods that will come with it nicely. A regular fried chicken wing may fill you in with 100 calories and 7 grams of fat – 2 grams of which are saturated fat. So it’s …

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Can You Freeze Marinated Chicken?

Can You Freeze Marinated Chicken? Marinate and Freeze

Can You Freeze Marinated Chicken? To quickly answer your question and other possible questions in mind. It’s a yes. You can freeze marinated chicken and get it later for cooking. Likewise, you can freeze the marinade but you wouldn’t do that. Introduction Chicken is infamous for having a short keeping life of only 2 days inside the fridge. Make sure to get it fresh to avoid underlying problems. However, you can alleviate the difficulty by tossing …

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Can You Freeze Cooked Chicken

Can you freeze cooked chicken? Well picture this. You and your company have recently gotten a rather new and expensive client. The administration decided to throw a party in celebration to a job well done. You and your officemates excitedly make a list of what you are going to buy for the party that is going to be celebrated that night. After much deliberation, you have ordered the food that you are going to eat. …

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Chicken Chili With Cream Cheese

Do you know what goes well with chicken chili? You guessed it right, it’s cream cheese! Chicken chili with cream cheese is not a new kind of fad food. That you often find being made en masse in food trucks down your local city block. It is a mix of meat, spice and everything nice that blends well altogether. Gives its eaters a wonderful sensation of deliciousness and awesomeness. With some even coming down to …

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How to Defrost Chicken? With and Without Microwave

How to defrost chicken the safest, fastest way possible before your friends arrive? We’ve all been there. Our friends suddenly and without much warning and a heads up are going to call you in the last minute. The 11th hour to let you know that “hey, me and the gang are going to drop by and raid your apartment. And maybe have a sleepover or something so YOU BETTER HAVE FOOD PREPARED FOR US! By …

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