Cooking Meat Without Oil. Your complete guide!

If you are trying to decrease the amount of fat you consume, then cooking without oil is one of the first steps that need to be taken. And, cooking meat without oil is also important.

It is totally possible to cook meat without oil without sacrificing the flavor, you just need to use other methods and enjoy it.

Some people may prefer to switch the type of oil they consume and cook with, but in the reality, oil is oil and has more calories per gram than most foods. Besides, hours after ingested all types of oil stiffen and dilate. So, imagine that stiffed and dilated ingredient at your arteries.

There are many easy methods that can replace oil in cooking in general, so almost all types of recipes can be done without oil, so then same applies to cooking meat without it.

With that being said, below we will list the best ways to cook meat without oil.

Choose the right tools

With the right cookware it will be easy to cook meats without oil. Nonstick pans and pots will make it super easy since the meat will not stick in the surface.

There are Teflon types of pans and pots, stainless steel pans and some enamel-coated cast iron. Choose the one that suits better for your needs and budget.

Choose the best oil-free method to cook meats

Here are the best and most simple ways to cook meats without oil:


The trick to sauté or brown your meat without any type of oil or butter is to add water, broth or any liquid of your choice.

Heat the skillet first, add one tablespoon of the liquid you chose and stir the meat a few times with the help of a wooden spoon to prevent it from burning.


You do not need to coat the meat with any type of oil before roasting them in the oven. Without oil it will probably take longer – so do not forget to consider this time change in your plans – but the meat will eventually roast and brown.

If you are afraid of the meat sticking, then just line the baking sheet with parchment paper to prevent it.

Deep frying alternative

One of the most common and popular kitchen tools nowadays is the air fryer. This product basically fries and cooks everything just by using warm air.

If you want to cut down your oil intake, then having an air fryer will certainly helps you in this process. Almost everything can be fried in there, but meat is easier and faster.

Another great advantage is how clean it is to cook with the help of it.

The only think you need to be careful is with the time. The air fryer will cook meat way faster than a pan.


Depending on the type of meat and recipe, steaming can be also a great method to cook meat without oil, but keeping the nutrients, texture, and flavor.

You can steam the meat with the help of an electric steamer or a steamer basket in a pot or bowl with hot water in medium heat.

Cook it until the meat is in the desired texture.

Some article on steamed fish recipe. Read it here.

Find better substitutes for oil

If you are not that radical and is not cutting oil completely from your diet, just trying to find better solutions, then there is a list of other ingredients that can be used to help you cook meats and many other recipes without oil.

Melted Butter

Melted butter can be used as a good substitute for oil in baking when the role of the ingredient in the meat preparation was to keep the moist.   

Margarine is also an option here and they are usually melted before being added to the recipe. The proportion to the oil will be the same, so you can keep a 1:1 proportion.

Apple sauce

If oil was being used to keep the moist in the recipe, you can make the apple sauce unflavored and unsweetened and add some milk in it and use it in the same proportions.

The great advantage of this sauce is that apples are very easy to be bought and are extremely affordable. A great option for those on a tight budget. Another good point to use applesauce as a replacement: it has fewer calories than oil, around 100 calories per cup.

So, if you are looking for an easy, healthy, and non-expensive option, the apple sauce will be the best one.


Cooking meat without oil can be challenge but it is not impossible. With the help of great cookware that does not stick, you can basically make all types of steak, chicken, and pork easily.

But it is important to decrease the amount of oil in your diet, since a tablespoon of oil has around 130 calories, one of the most caloric ingredients in the kitchen. So, if you are trying to lose weight or to cut your calories intake, substituting oil not only when cooking meat, but in all the other recipes will be a good choice. Also, oil has almost zero vitamins or nutrients needed for your body.

In the article we listed different methods to cook meat without oil and how you can do it. Sauté is the easiest one and you can do by just replacing the oil with water.

Roasting may look impossible, but it is also very easy, just let the meat in the oven for a little while and it will eventually roast.

And the last alternative is the deep-frying method with the help of an air fryer. The tool can be your best friend when trying to cook meat without oil.

At the end of the article we presented some ingredients that can be used to replace oil when cooking meat or even in other recipes. If oil has the role to moist the meat you can use the ingredients mentioned above.

Let us know if the methods mentioned in this article were any helpful to you!

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