Cooking meat in slow cooker. The easiest tool in the kitchen!

Slow cooker, or also popularly known as crock-pot, is electrical cooking appliance created to cook and simmer recipes and ingredients at lower temperatures for a longer period. We will explore in this article ways to improve you experience in cooking meat in slow cooker and which things to avoid doing.

So, instead of boiling, frying, or baking, you can slow cook dishes like soups and stews. Slow cookers are also great to bake breads.

Cooking meat in slow cooker is a perfect method, since the slow cooker prevents the warm vapor to escape from its compartment, which makes all the meat moist to be kept inside. The design from the slow cooker also helps to distribute the flavor and cook it all evenly, since the walls also heat and helps cooking the ingredients.

The advantages of cooking meat in the slow cooker are numerous and it is also simple to operate it.

Best and easiest ways to cook meat in slow cooker

Delicious meals can be prepared in slow cooker and meats are probably the best ones. So, we will mention below the best and easiest ways to cook meat in slow cooker.

1. Make shredded chicken in the slow cooker

Shredded chicken is probably one of the most versatile ingredients you can find in the kitchen. From salads, to soups, to tacos and many more options, this meat will go well in any meal.

And to make it in slow cooker is so simple that is almost unbelievable. All you need is boneless and skinless chicken breasts and water – chicken stock will also do it, but you can season as you wish.

The measures are the same for big or small quantities, so you should add ½ cup of water to every pound of chicken.

After the chicken is cooked it is important to shred it while it is still warm. Just transfer the meat to a plate and with the help of two forks you can pull it apart.

There are endless possibilities to use the shredded chicken now!

2. Cook pork chops in the slow cooker

Pork chops can be easily done in the oven, but with the help of the slow cooker you can add the ingredients there and only worry about it when it is time to eat. And since you can add a vegetables in it, the meal will already come with the side dish.

Brine the pork chops before adding them in the slow cooker! For around 5 pork chops you can use ½ cup of salt and eight cups of water. Rinse and dry the pork chops before cooking.

Cook the pork chops for around 4 hours in the low heat and minutes before taking it from the slow cooker you can add the veggies of your preference and have a whole meal prepared together.

3. Make slow cooker barbacoa beef

If you have tacos night in your house, then the slow cooker probably part of your routine already.

Barbacoa is incredible tasty, full of flavor and amazingly simple to prepare and although we mentioned tacos above, it can be also used in burritos, nachos, and hash for breakfast.

Cook the meat for 8 to 10 hours in slow heat to give enough time and temperature for the collagen in the meat to dissolve and the meat becomes tender enough to shred with a fork. After the meal is cooked you can transfer it to a plate or another compartment and shred with the help of two forks.

The seasoning can be done as you wish, but the most common ingredients for tacos and burritos are chipotle sauce, garlic, onion, cilantro, ground cloves and salt.

4. Cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker

For this recipe all you will need is the chicken, water and the seasons you wish to use in it. The chicken meat made in the slow cooker gets very tender and with the most intense and delicious taste.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper and take it to the slow cooker for few hours in the low temperatures and at the end your chicken will be cooked and delicious.

It is important to create a base for the chicken in the slow cooker, so it does not sit there for too many hours into his own liquid, avoiding the crispy texture we all love. You can use a small metal rack or trivet that some slow cookers come with or it can be easily done with four balls of aluminum foil. You just need to lift you chicken for about an inch from the bottom.

Some people may prefer to add potatoes, carrots, and onions at the bottom so they can cook in the chicken liquid and absorb its taste.

It is up to you! Choose your favorite.

Avoid cooking raw meat in slow cooker

Do not add raw meat directly into the slow cooker or the meat will never get the chance to brown.

By frying the meat in a pan for a few minutes before adding in the slow cooker you will seal the meat juices and enhance its flavor.

If you add them raw into the slow cooker, they will taste bland and have a weird texture. Worst if you decides to cook frozen meat in slow cooker, it won’t end well.


Cooking meat in slow cooker is a must for those looking for versatility, time saving and flavor. The meat made in slow cooker will absorb its own liquid and keep all the moist.

The slow cooker can be your biggest ally in the kitchen and turn any meat into an easy meal that requires minimum effort.

By adding the meal in the slow cooker with some veggies you will have an entire dish cooked together, like the pork chops.

The facility to cook an entire chicken is also impressive. If you add the onions, carrots, and potatoes at the bottom they will absorb the chicken liquids and seasons and make the whole recipe more delicious.

Let us know any other meats you usually cook in slow cooker!

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