Cook Eye of Round Roast

Most Delicious Ways to Cook Eye of Round Roast

To cook eye of round roast is a hard business and needs to be done with patience and through a moist heat process that slowly cooks it. We need to tenderize it and make sure it is cooked through and through. Some of the cooking tips include leaving the fat on so the meat does not dry out. If the fat is still there after cooking, you can simply remove it. For starters, the slow and long process is recommended. But people with more experience can cut them into thin, narrow strips and fry them or chop them up finely and use them for raw beef dishes. 

Now, as you will go on to see, there are several ways to cook eye of round roast. We can cook it under pressure to make it quickly but at the same time have the same flavour as that of slow cooking. We will now talk about some of the most common ways to cook eye round roast. 

Different Methods to Cook Eye of Round Roast

Slow Cook Eye of Round Roast in the Oven

Simply marinating the meat and putting it in the fridge overnight would not give you the same juicy and tender result in case of the eye of the round roast as it does with all other meats. There are techniques and a bit of science involved to make the seasoning penetrate through and for it to be evenly cooked from all sides. 

You need to slow cook eye of round roast in the oven. One recipe for this involves taking three pounds eye of round roast and tying it at three-inch intervals with cotton strings. Season it with half a teaspoon of salt and pepper. Also, sprinkle a half teaspoon of garlic powder onto it. You can increase or decrease the seasoning quantity according to your taste.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Put the meat in the pan and let it cook for an hour. Keep checks in between to see if there is moisture present. If not, add some water. Cook it until it has gone tender. Remove it from the oven and cover it with foil. Let is rest for at least half an hour. And your eye of round roast is ready to be cut into thin slices and served with a salad, gravy or mashed potatoes.

Cook Eye of Round Roast in Slow Cooker

When the high temperature does not work to make the meat absorb flavour and nor does the low temperature which only gives somewhat tender meat, the correct way to go about it is to cook eye of round roast in a slow cooker or the crockpot. 

There is steam circulation inside the crockpot which creates the perfect moist environment to cook eye of round roast. As a bonus, you can use the juices from the steaming process to turn into a gravy. 

After marination, a very important step is to put it into a skillet or pan and cook it until it is brown from all sides. This adds a lot of flavour to the meat as well as the gravy. After browning, put the roast into the cooker. The recommended method is to cook it on high for six to seven hours. An alternative to this is cooking it on low for eight to ten hours. 

Good things to serve with the eye of round roast include vegetables such as carrots and broccoli. You can also serve it with rice or mashed potatoes or simply in its gravy.

Tenderise Eye of Round Roast

Since it is such tough meat, we need to know ways to tenderize eye of round roast. 

The simplest way to it is to pound it to break it down. If you do not have the kitchen mallet for the job, cover it in a wrap and beat it with a rolling pin or something equally heavy. 

You may also cook it slowly for a long time as has been mentioned previously. This breaks down the connective tissues and makes the meat tender and juicy. 

All the chefs and food-lovers know salt has acted as a tenderizer since ancient times. It helps in making the meat dry out which in turn makes it tougher. You can salt the meat and then cook eye of round roast. 

As mentioned in the method for cooking eye of round roast in the oven, you should cover the cooked meat with foil and let it sit for some time before cutting it or doing anything else with it. This also helps to tenderize it a lot.

Some other methods include using either fruit enzymes or the meat’s enzymes to break up the proteins in the meat. Baking soda can also be used but we would recommend leaving that method to the experts only. 

Cook Eye of Round Steak

To cook eye of round steak, simply melt a tablespoon of unsalted butter in a skillet. Add the eye of round steak after seasoning it with salt and pepper. Do not move it around too much since it might become too rubbery. Cook it until the edges of the steak become brown and crispy. This might take ten to fifteen minutes. 

Now, add another tablespoon of butter and add rosemary and garlic to add flavour to the steak. And your steak is ready!


Although the eye of round roast costs way less than a rib roast and is as flavoursome as it, too, it is not the most popular choice among meat lovers. This is because people just cannot find the proper way to cook it so it absorbs the seasonings’ flavour right to the centre of it and be tender at the same time. 

Of course, it would be great if we could find a perfect recipe for this and save some cash at the end of the month by not spending it on its expensive alternate. Additionally, this part of the meat is even better for health as it has a lot fewer calories than many other parts of beef.

Above we have presented you with all the methods that have been tried and tested to cook eye of round roast. The process is long and slow and requires patience but the end result is all worth it!

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