Cook a Turkey in a Roaster

How to Cook a Turkey in a Roaster

The turkey is a bird that is delicious to eat. In this text, we will focus on how to cook a turkey in a roaster.

For Christmas, every family is preparing a turkey for the occasion. However, making a turkey any time of the year won’t mind, as its splendid taste is too tempting.

Cooking a turkey is not the hardest task in the world. Still, there are many crucial aspects that need to be known and taken care of, in order to make it right and proper. If you slip up on even the tiniest of details, the whole process may be spoiled and the turkey ruined.

It is of crucial importance to know whether the turkey shall be washed or not, as well as roasting it at the right temperature.

That being said, let us get down to business and cover this topic, providing the reader with the answer to this question. How to cook a turkey in a roaster?

Electric Roaster Oven Recipe For a Crowd

Before we get down to the way of actually cooking a turkey in a roaster, we should mention that the turkey should not be washed. Experts claim that if we wash the turkey, that would be a reason for spreading bacteria, like salmonella.

Take out the insert pan from the roaster and heat the roaster as much as you can. Depends on how high it can go, turning it on 500 would be enough.

How To Season The Turkey?

First off, when it comes to the turkey, you should dredge some salt inside the holes.

You can fill your turkey with some ingredients, if you wish to do so. However, do not overdo it beforehand.

The turkey needs to be properly seasoned. Whichever your preferences are in this regard, you need to end it with dredging some black pepper and salt. Also, it is recommended to add some chunks of herbs, or fruit.   

Further, polish the whole turkey with olive oil. If you obtain a thermometer, then you will be able to check the temperature, while leaving the lid on the top. If you have a wired thermometer, the turkey would be finished before the usual time it needs to be cooked. This is why you should diligently watch out for the wired thermometer.

If you are using a pop-up turkey plug sort of thermometer, utilize two of the pop-ups for the purpose, because sometimes they stick.

Further, place the framework inside the insert pan, and take care of the handles so that they are staying beyond, and not below. Place the turkey inside the insert pan beyond the framework, and do not put any water inside.

Afterwards, place the insert pan inside the roasting skillet, and cover. In case your electric roaster lacks an insert pan, diligently place the turkey inside the oven. This way you can avoid hurting your hands.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Cooking a Turkey?

Do you cook a turkey at 325 or 350?

The answer is, cook for half an hour on top degree. After that, tone it down to 162.7 Celsius (325 Fahrenheit).

During the roasting process, you should not lift the lid. If you do so, the time needed for the roasting will be prolonged. This would happen, because the ordinary ovens are not losing heat, compared to the roaster ovens.

In case you don’t lift the lid, the bird would baste on its own, and you would not be forced to baste it all the time.

With the electric roaster oven, the turkey will be splendidly cooked.

One hour before the time it should be cooked, start looking over the turkey and the temperature. The thermometer should help you with this. With a pop-up turkey plug sort of a thermometer, you should lift the lid very quick. This way you don’t lose some of the heat. Keep an eye at least every half an hour. If you want your turkey to be cooked a bit more, wait a little more than that.

After it’s cooked, get the bird out of the roaster, foil shelter it, and let it be for around twenty minutes.

How Long to Cook a Turkey in a Roaster?

This depends on the turkey’s weight.

For example, if your turkey is from:

  • 3.6 kg to 5.5 kg (8 to 12 pounds) of weight, you’ll need to cook it for 3 hours at 162.7 Celsius (325 °F).
  • 5.5 kg to 6.3 kg (12 to 14 pounds) of weight, you’ll be needing from 3 up to 3 hours and 45 minutes to cook it, at 162.7 Celsius (325 °F).
  • 6.3 kg to 8.2 kg (14 to 18 pounds) of weight, you’ll need from 3 hours and 45 minutes to 4 hours and 15 minutes of cooking, at 162.7 Celsius (325 °F).
  • 8.2 kg to 9 kg (18 pounds to 20 pounds) of weight, you will need from 4 hours and 15 minutes, up to 4.5 hours of cooking, at 162.7 Celsius (325 °F).
  • 9 kg to 10.9 kg (20 to 24 pounds) of weight, you will need to cook it for 4.5 up to 5 hours, at 162.7 Celsius (325 °F).


We firmly believe that this text is very helpful to the readers in regards to the matter of how to cook a turkey in a roaster.

Every important area connected with this subject was observed, analyzed, and put well in the article.

When it comes to cooking turkey in a roaster, it is most important not to wash it. Experts claim that this can lead to spreading salmonella, which is an unwanted outcome.

For a more delicious taste, do not forget to put in some seasonings. On the other hand, it is not recommended to stuff the turkey before cooking.

Obtain a wired thermometer, so that the turkey can be done before it usually is. However, the thermometer should be watched over timely and cautiously.

The best temperature to cook a turkey on would be 325 Fahrenheits, or 162 Celsius degrees, after previously you’ve cooked it on the highest for a half an hour.

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