Can You Freeze Egg White

You have watched some video tutorials on baking cake, and it seems that it was already too late when you realized that the host said to only have three eggs cracked, yet you misheard and you have actually cracked six! Then find out below if you can freeze egg white.

No one wants to waste food nowadays. Especially since the prices of most commodities have gone up due to various reasons. From the economy collapsing to the inflation of prices of produce, which made you ask yourself:

“Can you freeze egg whites?”

To which the answer is yes!

Fortunately, eggs are not as sensitive or volatile as you make them to be. Despite them being so easy to break due to their soft shells.

However, there are some steps that you have to keep in mind when freezing egg whites. Not to mention the certain discrepancies that you also have to keep in mind in regards to their shelf life.

If you screw the entire process. Having these eggs already been exposed to air and having been indirectly contaminated by bacteria that are present in the very air you breathe for long periods of time. This factoid should not surprise you one bit. These egg whites are going to become rotten sooner than anticipated.

However, you can read further and learn how to freeze egg whites and do it the right way!

Freezing Egg Whites – Apparently You Can Have These Good For Months!

For this process to have the best results, you have to keep certain conditions in mind.

Firstly, time is of the essence. The moment where you have begun to separate the egg shells from both the egg yolk and egg whites. Thirty minutes from that time onward. Should be spent ensuring that when you do indeed intend to freeze your egg whites for say two months.

What you are going to do first is to place your egg whites into ice cube trays. Then immediately put them into a freezer.

Keep note. Not all freezers are alike and each one performs differently from what is typically used by businesses. Such as restaurants and fast food chains who do typically freeze their food. Including egg whites for future use months ahead of time.

The ones that these businesses use are blast freezers. Industrial-grade equipment that are able to blast freeze almost all kinds of food at sub zero temperatures twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week.

Since you are only limited to whatever fridge you have as well as the steadiness of your electric supplier. You have to keep in mind that your egg whites, will only last as long as your fridge has a steady supply of electricity. Wherein it can continually freeze your egg whites without interruption.

Another thing to keep in mind and be concerned about. Is the kind of sealing material that you are going to use for storing your egg whites.

You have to use airtight zip lock wraps. If you are planning to store a rather large amount of egg whites to be frozen. Or something that would exceed what would normally fit in ice cube trays.

Before sealing in the bag, you have to mix some salt or sugar, at least a third of a teaspoon. What these will do is to prevent the egg whites from thickening up. As the protein enzymes within the egg will react that way when being exposed to temperatures below freezing point.

Now, let us say that you have succeeded in freezing your egg whites and now you want to use it. What do you do next?

Read more and find out!

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How To Defrost Egg White – Is It Easy Or Hard?

Defrosting egg whites is not as difficult as you would assume it to be.

First thing that you have to do. Once you intend to use the frozen egg whites for baking or making cocktails. Is that you have to leave them in a counter in room temperature and wait for it to defrost between thirty minutes to an hour.

“I want these egg whites as soon as possible! How about I microwave them since my oven has a defrost function?”

Under any circumstance, do not do this!

One thing you have to keep in mind. That egg whites are not composed of the same substance. Therefore the difference in the composition of each substance reacts differently to heat, in this case, radiated heat.

Egg whites will cook faster due to them being less dense than the yolk. Therefore if you decided to microwave your egg whites, the white would already start to cook while the yolk is yet defrosting.

What you are going to end up with is basically a mess that you could not re purpose for whatever you intend to do with it.

Can You Freeze Cooked Eggs?

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of freezing egg whites as well as the necessary precautions you have to bear in mind when thawing them. What about freezing cooked eggs?

Surprisingly, you can freeze eggs after you have already cooked them!

First and foremost, what are the perks of freezing cooked eggs? You would not need to cook them the next day. Especially if you intend to have them as breakfast on the go.

Some people, especially those who are anticipating a busy week ahead. Pre-cook not just their egg omelettes but their breakfast meals as well by freezing them on the weekend. Moving the food they would need the next day to the fridge to be thawed overnight. By the time they would need to bring their food, they can simply get it from the fridge. Put it into their lunch box and just reheat their food on the microwave oven in the office for breakfast or lunch.

In closing as to whether can you freeze egg whites or not, short answer is that you can!

Eggs are versatile not just on how they are found from baked goods to even breakfast meals. You can freeze them either raw or cooked as well! Just keep the safety precautions in mind, and you can have eggs for days, heck, even months!

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