Enhance Your Taste with Best Batter for Deep – Fried Fish

Do you know which food commodity is the largest in the world? Yes, it is seafood. It provides nutrition to the zillions of people globally. Around three billion people around the globe rely on farmed or wildly caught seafood. Yes, the taste of fish is unique and non-comparable to anything else. Therefore people always keep on seeking the best ways to make the batter for deep-fried fish, to add some crisp to their life.

No one can beat the crunchy flavour of deep-fried fish, especially the one having fantastic batter. Although the taste of fish is alone very unique and satisfying, paste adds more fun to it. The tremendous yet simple coating of seasoned flour for fish seals the flavour and adds a beautiful texture to it.

But, with so many fish batters out there, it becomes confusing for one to find the best. There are different blends and ideas for just one dish. Therefore you have to pick the right one according to your taste. But wait, you do not have to wander much, because here are some of the best batters for fried fish.

Top Batter for Deep – Fried Fish

1.     Beer Batter Fish

Nothing is more satisfying than a golden brown fish with a pleasing aroma. Isn’t it true? Yes, the fish beer batter is one such recipe that is full of flavour and will add crisp to your life. The mixture made with flour, beer, eggs and seasoning make the fish taste richer.

The golden-brown fish from outside and soft on the inside is something that can make anyone’s day better. So if you are also a big fan of deep-fried fish, then it is the must-try recipe for you. But one thing that is vital to ensure is that you fry the fish at accurate oil temperature. It the oil is too hot then it will brown the fish, but still it will remain unevenly cooked, and it will soak excessive oil also.

Therefore here are the right steps that you can follow to prepare the best batter for deep-fried fish.


Baking Powder one tablespoon, 4 x 175g white fish fillets lightly covered in seasoned flour, chilled light ale or lager beer (150ml), 115g plain flour, groundnut oil/sunflower oil for frying, one tablespoon salt


Step 1:

Firstly take a bowl and stir the flour with baking powder and salt. Then make an opening in the middle and start adding beer gradually. Make sure that you do not pour all the beer at once. Add it slowly and keep on stirring until you get a smooth plus thick consistency. Now your fish batter for deep frying is ready.

Step 2:

Secondly, take a large pan, and put oil in it. Take the batter coated fillet and lower into the hot oil. Do not overheat the oil ensure it. Let it fry for around 6-7 minutes, and keep a check on the fish. 

Fry it until it gets a nice golden brown crisp to it. Once fried, take the fish out carefully and soak all the excess oil using a kitchen paper or tissue. So now your beer batter fish is ready to enjoy with your favourite salsa.

2.     Lemon Batter Fish

If you are searching for an ideal recipe for all your fish fry needs, then lemon batter fish is a perfect option. Yes, there are various types of batters available, if you search the net, you will find many. But the perfectness a lemon can add to the fantastic flavour of fish is irreplaceable.

Yes, it is a mouth-watering batter for deep-fried fish that you do not want to miss. Lemon is one of the versatile ingredients, and people adore it. It has an abundance of nutritional value, and it instantly adds a twist to the food.

Therefore, why not to try it with fish? Hence, here is the best lemon batter fish recipe that you can ever find.


Take all-purpose flour around 1- ½ cups, one large lightly beaten egg, one tablespoon baking powder, ¾ tablespoon salt, 2/3 cup water, ½ tablespoon sugar, lemon juice about 2/3 cup, oil for frying the fish, lemon wedges if you want, take 2 pounds of perch or walleye fillets


Step 1: 

The first step is to assemble two bowls, one for mixing the dry ingredients, and another is for the liquid one. Now take one bowl and add flour, salt and baking soda to it, then give a gentle stir to it.

Take another bowl and add water, egg, lemon juice 1/3 cup, and stir it well. Here you also have to put the mixture of dry ingredients and then remix it, until you get a smooth batter.

Step 2:

Keep the remaining flour and lemon juice aside in shallow bowls. Now, start dipping the fillets first into the lemon juice bowl, then in the flour and lastly into the egg mixture that you prepared earlier.

Step 3:

Now take a skillet, put the oil and let it heat on medium or high flame. Now carefully add the fillets in the skillet and let them cook until brown. Do not forget to flip the filets with the help of a fork or any other suitable utensil.

Lastly, please take out the fillet and let them drain all the excess oil on the paper towels. So now your fish is ready, you can serve it with lemon wedges if you wish.


Are you searching the best batter for deep-fried fish? If yes, then you must know that fish beer batter is something that can amaze you. Yes, if you are also a big fan of fish, then you might keep on searching for various ways to cook it and to add some twist to it. Knowledge of good batter is key to making the best fish, and it is something that one must never forget.

Several batters are there, but it is not essential that you like all of them. The take differs. But the lemon and beer favour with fish is forever, and no one can neglect it. These two ingredients can magnify the flavour.

Therefore if you are also fond of deep-fried fish, then trying it with beer and lemon is a must. It will bring more joy to your food, and you will love it.

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