Enjoy the Authentic Chinese Steamed Fish Recipes

If you want to try a recipe that will blow your mind, then trying Chinese steamed fish is must for you. Yes, in China, steamed food is widespread, and they prefer to eat a fish also in this way. The spectacular flavour of steamed fish will make your taste buds to jump with happiness.

Steaming makes the fish tender, which is a plus point. In deep frying, sometimes we do not have the idea about the cooking time, and eventually, the whole fish fillets turn crispy. A fish needs to be tender from inside; only then it gives the authentic taste. In steaming there is no such worry.

Moreover, it is a fast way of making fish if compared to any other method. Just steam, and once cooked, garnish it with the soy sauce, garlic, and scallion strips. Therefore if you also want to enjoy that tender taste of fish then try out these recipes. But if you prefer fried fish, check out this post.

Most Popular Chinese Steamed Fish Recipes

1. Steamed Fish with Red Dates, Lily Flowers and Wan Yee

The three main ingredients that you are going to encounter in most of the Chinese fish recipes are lily flowers, red dates and Wan Yee. These three ingredients differ in taste and have many health benefits. 

Furthermore, if you will eat these with the fish, it will help in reducing the cholesterol level and will also enhance the blood count. Although Wan Yee is a kind of black fungus and you might think about how it can have any health merits, it still does have a good impact. It is full of vitamins.

On the other hand, the Lily flowers help relieve cold and cough. It has a slightly earthy taste and has a bit of sweetness in its flavour. The third ingredient, which is the red dates, are just amazing and contains loads of iron, calcium and jam-packed with essential vitamins. 

Therefore if you want to taste this super healthy Chinese style steamed fish then here are the steps to follow.


One sea bass around 350g(cleaned), one piece of sliced ginger, a handful of dried Wan Yee, dried lily flowers(9-10), dry red dates around 3-4, one spring onion largely cut, soy sauce one tablespoon, a pinch of sugar, cornflour ¼ tablespoon, oil around one tablespoon


Step 1:

Take warm water in a bowl and soak all the dry ingredients in that same bowl for around 15 minutes. Once the dates become tender, deseed them and tie knots on lily flowers for giving enhanced texture. 

Step 2:

Secondly, drain them and add the soy sauce, cornflour, sugar and oil too. Keep the fish ready for steaming; also place the slices of ginger inside as well as over the fillets. Now start adding the marinated ingredients on the top and give a finishing touch with onion.

Step 3:

Now start the process of steaming with the help of steamer. Boil the water and now place the fish and let it cook for around 7-10 minutes. You can increase or decrease the steaming time according to the size of fish. 

Step 4:

Once your fish become tender and turns flaky spill extra soy sauce over it, and serve.

2. Authentic Chinese Steamed Fish

How do you steam fish? Do you use a steamer or any other method? If you know this method of cooking fish, then try the classic Chinese steamed fish which if purely authentic. Chinese recipes are abundant out there, but the flavour of steamed fish is unique and will give you a mini-tour of China.

Moreover, one also cannot deny the health benefits of steamed fish. Yes, it does have many merits for your health as it is full of nutritional value.  It helps in retaining the maximum number of healthy nutrients; this is not possible in any other way. It furnishes you with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. It also has protein that helps in controlling the appetite. 

But before you get started with this fantastic recipe, here are some tips that you must know. Always pick the fish having less weight around 550g. The steam method of cooking helps the foot to prepare quickly, and you also need less seasoning. Now here are the simple steps that one can follow if confused about how to cook the steam fish fillet. 


Take around 550 grams of tilapia or any other fish which has white flesh, ¼ cup vegetable oil, evenly sliced one green onion, and one-piece ginger cut into strips, soy sauce around ½ cup


Step 1:

Start by filling water in a bamboo steamer and wait until it boils. Rinse the fish using cold water and lay it on the metal plate. 

Step 2:

Now easily place it into the steamer and cover, and let it cook until it becomes flaky and no longer opaque. Avoid removing the lid until the steaming is over, and the fish is fully tender. 

Step 3:

Meanwhile, the fish is steaming; combine the green onions, ginger, and vegetable oil in a small saucepan. Let it cook on medium flame until the ginger starts to bubble. Now carefully pour this mixture over the finely steamed fish. 

Step 4:

Lastly, mizzle soy sauce and serve!


In Chinese home cooking steamed whole fish is widespread. Moreover, it is also a traditional and authentic way to cook fish here. It helps in retaining all the nutritional value of fish, and also holds the real flavour of fish. 

The Chinese steamed fish takes very fewer ingredients to bring the best flavour of fresh fish. The use of ginger and onion is more because it eliminated the fishiness. Soy sauce is also a crucial ingredient in steamed fish as it enhances the sweet taste in the fish.

Furthermore, in the steamer, it takes just a few minutes to make your fish flaky tender. In China, the steamed fish recipe also portrays good fortune and wealth. Therefore if you also want to try the Chinese New Year particular cuisine then trying the steamed fish is a must. It will give you the authentic flavours of China without even visiting there.

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