Air Fried Fish And Chips

If you are still wondering how you can make good use of that dusty old air fryer that has just been sitting on your cupboard for months since your mom packed it along with your stuff ever since you moved out, you have come to the right topic! We will talk about air fried fish and chips.

We all love fish and chips. They’re the perfect snack for whatever occasion. Be it a party, a movie marathon or just chilling by your own on. A Saturday night, preparing fish and chips is something that should not be difficult for anyone.

With all that said, we are going to tackle the ingredients that you are going to need. As well as the necessary steps you are going to take to make your very own fish and chips. All made with your air fryer!

Air Fryer Fish Recipes – Weight Watchers Edition!

If you are conscious of your weight and would want to start eating healthy but would still want to have some well-deserved treats after a week of intermittent fasting, calorie counting, exercise and endlessly resisting to eat fast food.

You might want to read further and see how you can apply this recipe and be able to enjoy some fish and chips, the healthy way!

Firstly, the ingredients. We highly recommend that you source your food from a trusted grocer or convenience store that you can attest to giving you the freshest and safest kinds of food.

The purpose of living healthily would be a waste if you end up eating spoiled fish or vegetables and getting food poisoning.

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What food ingredients to prepare for your Air-Fryer Fish and Fries:

  • Fish fillets – your choice of either haddock or cod. It is important that you get the lean
  • A pound of fresh potatoes. Depending on size, either a large spud or two medium potatoes are going to be enough
  • Olive oil – two tablespoons should do. If you wish, you can cut it down to one tablespoon. Feel free to use alternative cooking oil such as vegetable oil or canola oil.
  • Pepper – one fourth of a teaspoon should do. You can skip adding pepper if you like. But your chips are going to be bland without at least a dash of this spice.
  • Salt – one fourth of a teaspoon for this one as well. Some health gurus do not recommend you add salt to what is already a high-sodium meal such as fish and fries. So take heed if you must.
  • All-purpose flour – one third of a cup. Depending on how much fish you have, you might need to alter the quantity of flour accordingly
  • One large piece of fresh Egg
  • Water – two tablespoons
  • Cornflakes – crushed, two-thirds of a cup. Depending on preference, you can skip adding this into your dish as this is optional
  • Parmesan cheese – okay, this is a bit controversial. Processed cheese contains quite a lot of trans fat. If you wish, feel free to skip adding Parmesan altogether if you want to watch your consumption.
  • Cayenne pepper – one-eighth of a teaspoon, or just enough to taste
  • Tartar sauce – this is optional as tartar sauce is taste and dependent on preference

Steps on how to whip up your Air-Fryer Fish and Fries:

Step 1: First thing that you are going to have to do is to make sure that your air fryer is clean. Dust it out and remove any cobwebs, spiders or any other critters that may have made that air fryer their homes whilst it was being stored in the cupboard. Disinfect if you must.

After cleaning, turn it on and preheat it to about four hundred degrees Fahrenheit or to about two hundred and four degrees Celsius. Remove the skin from the potatoes using a peeler and chop them up lengthwise.

How thick? Half of an inch thick.

After trimming them into those dimensions, feel free to cut these slices more if they are too big for you.

Step 2: Place the slices of potatoes into a bowl along with some oil, salt and pepper. Arrange the potato slices in one layer on the tray of the air fryer basket in batches and let it fry for about five to ten minutes, or when you notice that the potato slices are tender enough.

After the allotted time, toss and turn the potato slices over to scatter and flip them over so all sides are thoroughly fried. Continue to let them fry in the air fryer until they become crispy-looking and light to golden brown in colour for about five to ten minutes longer.

Step 3: While the potato slices are still getting fried in the air fryer, combine flour and pepper in a bowl.  Whisk the water and egg in a different shallow bowl. Place the Cayenne pepper, cheese and cornflakes into a 3rd bowl and mix them. As for the fish fillet, scatter some salt onto them and dip each fillet into the flour mixture, making sure that both sides are properly covered and coated. Wiggle the fillets to remove and excess flour mix.

Next, dredge the fish fillets into the egg mix followed by dredging them once more in the cornflake mix, all the while patting them so that the coating sticks in the fillets.

Step 4: Take the fries away from the air fryer and put them aside somewhere they can keep warm. Sort the fillets single-file, evenly spaced out in the air fryer and let it cook until each one turns golden brown. This should take more or less eight to ten minutes. Flip the fillets over midway so the other side gets to be cooked as well. Ensure that you don’t overdo it. Place the fries back in the air fryer so they can be reheated along. Serve and enjoy!

Air fried fish and chips (or fries) is so simple and easy. In 4 easy steps and with a few minutes of your time, you can whip yourself up this delicious and nutritious meal at the comfort of your home!

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